Mobile WiMAX Standard Finalized

I’m a little bit late on the news but I just noticed that the IEEE 802.16e has been finalized two weeks ago. As Om Malik puts it, that was the easiest part:
… now companies have to get onboard with the concept, start developing silicon and equipment. But more than that, money has to be found, to essentially (and eventually) replicate the cellular mobile infrastructure. It is going to be a very costly and long drawn out process. It might be easy to get caught in the euphoria surrounding the news, but we all need to take a deep breath and get prepared for a long haul.
The Register has a short story about this announcement.
I have not had the time to look into the specification but WiMAX could be seen as a threat to mobile broadcasting systems such as DMB, DVB-H or MediaFLO. And since WiMAX’s mother tongue is “Internet”,  it could be seen as the long awaited and open platform for disruptive mobile applications. Broadcasting 2.0 believers will have to dig into WiMAX broadcasting capabilities.